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Why You Should Consider Bioremediation

Bioremediation uses organisms to either remove or neutralise contamination from waste, rather than any potentially toxic chemicals. For example, waste sites can use organisms such as fungi and bacteria to break down organic matter and decompose the waste. If your business faces an oil spill, bioremediation would provide naturally occurring organisms with materials such as fertiliser and oxygen to help them survive and break down the pollutant at a faster rate.

What makes bioremediation important?

No chemicals are used – Treating or removing waste with synthetic chemicals often means that these chemicals end up in the water supply. Especially in the beginning of waste management, these chemicals were often toxic to animals, plants and even humans so bioremediation ensures you’re not damaging the wider ecosystem.

Waste can be recycled – Once waste has been treated or neutralised by bioremediation, the waste itself can easily be recycled. Using chemical remediation means that you’re simply replacing toxins with slightly less toxic chemicals and the waste still can’t enter the recycling process. You can recycle far more waste using bioremediation techniques.

Different classes of bioremediation

There are two different classes of bioremediation you can use to neutralise you waste. These classes refer to the application of the organisms rather than the types of remediation.

In-Situ – In-situ bioremediation is when you apply organisms to waste right at the point of origin. For example, if you have contaminated soil, in-situ bioremediation would be treating the soil where it is rather than moving it for treatment. You would choose in-situ bioremediation if you wanted to minimise the risk of spreading the contamination via displacing and relocating the soil.

Ex-Situ – Ex-situ bioremediation, therefore, is when you move your waste from the contamination site in order to treat it. You may wish to remove your waste and decontaminate it elsewhere in order to contain and control your bioremediation organisms, as well as quickly making the contaminated area useable again.


At Pure Clean Waste Solutions Ltd, we can take you through everything you need to know about bioremediation and show you a number of bioremediation products that will decontaminate your waste without the need for any chemicals.

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