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A number of amendments we have made to our ‘Paperwork’ in line with the changes to the Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 introduced by the Environment Agency.

Any company producing, transporting or receiving hazardous waste will be affected by these regulations and therefore must adhere to these changes which came into force on 28th September 2011. The changes we have made relate to the following:

Changes to the Consignment Note and Multiple Consignment Procedure
When consignment notes are being used for a ‘multiple collection round’ extra information needs to be included by the carrier in Part C and by the consignee in Part E (Pure Clean Waste Solutions Ltd). This information is a ‘round number’, which links the consignments and a ‘collection number’, which identifies the order in which the consignments were collected. The consignee has to note the total number of sites from which waste was collected. The Environment Agency has also added text to the Consignment Note which asks the Consignor (yourselves) to confirm you have considered the Waste Hierarchy. As a consequence to these changes we have changed the information that is printed on our paperwork and how the information is created. When our fully qualified ADR drivers collect your waste they will leave a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) print out with all your waste details along with the relevant signatures (Consignee, Consignor and Carrier).

When the waste is received by us (the Consignee) we will check the waste being off loaded and if accepted onto our Waste Transfer Station (Waste Management Licence No EML1134) we will the PDA (Part E of the Consignee’s certificate). A copy of the fully completed document will be emailed or posted back to you. This is your record to keep should the Environment Agency request to see your documentation proving that your waste has been collected and disposed of in the correct manner following the requirements of the Waste Hierarchy.

Pure Clean Waste Solutions Paperwork Examples (PDF)

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