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Degreasing fluids, machines accessories and sundries

Product Machines Prices
Brake Cleaner £670.00
Bioremediation Parts Cleaner:
PCS25 Smartwasher POA
PCS28 Supersink Smartwasher POA
PCS23 Mobile Smartwasher POA
PCS100 Bench Top Parts Cleaner POA
Degreasing Parts Washers:
Automotive (Standard Parts Washer) £435.00
Standard Industrial (Large Parts Washers) £510.00
Commercial (Standard Tank) £855.00
Large Industrial (Large Tank) £920.00
Aqueous Parts Washers:
Automatic – L90 £3630.00
Manual – L10 £2475.00
Spay Gun Cleaners:
R3600 Gun Cleaner for Solvent or Water based paints POA
9000 Gun Cleaner for Solvent based paints POA
9000TT Gun Cleaner for Solvent & Water based paints POA
Cleaning Solutions Prices
Water based:
25 Litre Aquamix Gun Cleaner (Safety Data Sheet) £20.85
5 Litres Hot Wash Low Foam (Safety Data Sheet) £18.55
20 Litres Bioremediation Solution – SW3 (Safety Data Sheet) £59.05
Solvent based:
25 Litre Fresh Thinners (Safety Data Sheet) £20.70
35 Litre Low Odour Parts Washer Solvent (Safety Data Sheet) £63.70
25 Litres MET CLEAN PX4970 POA
25 Litres Ink Clean (Safety Data Sheet) £58.97
Machine Parts Prices
Parts Washer Parts:
Hose for Standard Parts Washer £5.93
Brush £12.22
Fusible Link £2.55
Single Bioremediation Filter – FL3 (Safety Data Sheet) £16.75
Box of 6 Bioremediation Filters £90.45
Brake Cleaner:
Brush £15.55
Sundries Prices
5 Litres Tarmac Oil Cleaner (Safety Data Sheet) POA
Spillage Cleaning Kit POA
Sump Pallet – Plastic POA
Sump Pallet – Metal POA
Gloves (Nitrile) £6.29
Oil Absorbent Matting POA
Rags £12.22

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