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Pure Clean Waste Solutions Ltd is a fully licensed Hazardous Waste Management Company specialising in the collection of Hazardous Waste and the Hire/Servicing for various types of cleaning machines.

Our vision

Providing a quality waste disposal and collection service at a competitive price is the key principle behind our business. We try to understand the requirements of each and every customer and tailor a bespoke solution that complies with this principle.

As a waste management company we understand our moral and legal obligations to the environment and strive to continually improve our processes, making them more efficient and reducing the impact both our customers and ourselves have on the environment.

We hope to achieve growth through understanding our market and building strong relationships with customers, suppliers and legislative bodies through mutual trust and a willingness to provide the best service we can.


Luke Hatherall

As the founder of the company my work involves many aspects of the intricacies of managing and developing a waste management business. I have 20 years experience in the operational side of waste management and am often called upon for my advice and guidance in this area as well as the day to day running of a busy waste management site. I have the opportunity to deal closely with the Environment Officer allocated to our area in the North West, building up a relationship which has enabled me to expand my knowledge of up to date Environmental requirement and Legislation. I am also the holder of the WAMITAB qualification.

I enjoy the variety of my job and working with a group of like-minded professionals who are committed to making a real difference to the environment as well as developing a successful and profitable company.

Where I’d rather be:
“I would rather be riding my bike”


Simon Copner

Since completing my degree in Accountancy and Finance, I have spent my entire career in the hazardous Waste Industry and have been director of finance for the past 10 years.

I have an all round knowledge of the waste management business but am most heavily involved in administration, finance and the continual improvement of management and information systems.

My working day is extremely varied, dealing with a wide range of interesting challenges. I enjoy trying to resolve these challenges with innovative and efficient solutions.

Where I’d rather be:
“I would rather be climbing a mountain”


Pamela Burnyeat

I have worked hard over the last 4 years in gaining a good insight into the Waste Management Industry and am excited to be moving into a new, more challenging position within the company, where I can further my knowedge and learning, especially in this exciting stage of the company’s development. My new role will involve continuing to run a busy and efficient admin office, ensuring our customers are given the highest quality service and support network as well as developing new sales strategies and initiatives to move Pure Clean into a more successful Waste Management Company.

Where I’d rather be:
“I would rather be on holiday with my family”

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