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Degreasing Parts Washer

Our sink-on-drum parts washers are an inexpensive solution for cleaning various garage components by hand. The cleaning solution is stored in the UN approved drum which is located under the sink and cycled through the flexible spigot and brush for handy use. The extra legs on the front of the machine give added stability, preventing any overbalancing of the equipment. The washer is available in 30litre and 50litre UN approved drums (sold separately). Any of our solvents or aqueous degreasers can be used in these machines.

The immersion cleaning tanks have been designed for all components with baked-on grime to be left soaking.

All these machines come fully CE marked and conform to all safety regulations. For example these degreasing machines have been designed with a fusible link device which will activate in the event of a fire inside the sink area. All machines are sturdy and have been fully tested to the specifications below. We also include an Operation Manual with each machine which contains instructions for use, health & safety guidelines plus other technical information.

Fact sheet

Parts Washers

Manual Cleaning Parts Washers
Manual Cleaning
Our sink-on-drum washer is the inexpensive solution for cleaning parts by hand. Solvent is stored in the drum and cycled through the flexible spigot for handy use. Available in 30 litre and 50 litre drums (sold separately).

Standard Degreasing Parts Washer Fact Sheet

Large Degreasing Parts Washer Fact Sheet


Immersion Cleaning Parts washers
Immersion Cleaning
For the worst baked-on grime. Save many man-hours with units that let you immerse the parts in solvent, then walk away while they clean.

Standard Tank Fact Sheet

Large Tank Fact Sheet



(Std Tank)
(Std P/W)
Large Industrial
(Lge Tank)
Standard Industrial
(Lge P/W)
Length: 1000mm 850mm 1125mm 1135mm
Width: 660mm 570mm 660mm 680mm
Height: 1500mm (lid up) 890mm (lid down) 1400mm (lid up) 890mm (lid down) 1500mm (lid up)  890mm (lid down) 1520mm (lid up) 910mm (lid down)
50ltr 30ltr 80ltr 50ltr
Voltage: 110 / 240v 110 / 240v 110 / 240v 110 / 240v

Health & Safety Guidelines

“DSEAR” is a set of regulations concerned with the protection against risks from fire, explosion and similar events arising from dangerous substances used or present in the workplace.

Duties of the Employer:

Control Methods:

Areas classified into zones are protected from sources of ignition. Ignition sources should be kept out of the area at all times.

Protective Clothing (PPE)
Inflammable liquids can pose a health hazard if they are ingested, come into contact with skin or eyes or if their vapours are inhaled, therefore the correct PPE must be used at all times when the equipment is in operation.

All spray cleaning should be carried out in either an equipment cleaning machine with the extraction running or into a chamber which is provided with extraction.

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