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PCWS are able to offer a professional service for the sampling, testing and analysis of suspect fuels  to UKAS accredited standards. All testing is carried out by qualified technicians using state of the art technology to ensure analysis of the highest specification.

Contamination of fuel can often prove costly, not only to replace the fuel but also the damage that contaminants are capable of causing to the equipment that runs on that fuel. The equipment is invariably expensive and important assets such as vehicles, generators and data centres.

Early detection of problems and identification of a contaminant through analysis can often help the user identify how the problem is occurring and take measures to ensure this does not happen in future. We can also offer a preventative maintenance program with scheduled sampling and analysis of fuel from key assets to ensure the fuel is kept in premium condition and productivity of the asset does not suffer.

We are able to offer fixed price packages, running standard fuel tests or tailor a bespoke test depending on the requirements of the user and the application of the product to be tested. The standard package includes collection of the sample by our technician, testing and analysis in our laboratory and an analysis report delivered by email within 24 hours.

The fuels covered by our standard analysis service include:

Standard analysis types:

To book an analysis of your fuel or for further information please call us on 0161 430 1111 or make an online enquiry.

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