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Are You Throwing this Hazardous Waste Away in the Workplace?

It’s remarkable to think that in our modern society, people are still unclear about what is classified as hazardous waste. Take the workplace for example, there are countless examples where waste is thrown away in general bins, but shouldn’t be because it is actually tagged as hazardous. To give you some idea, we list typical examples of hazardous materials found in workplaces which people wrongly assume are general waste.


Do you use batteries for electronic devices at work? What do you do with these once they are depleted? If you toss them away in the office bin you are committing a sin, they are hazardous and should be recycled appropriately through approved battery collection schemes.

Ink and Printer Cartridges

Never throw a printer ink cartridge into an office bin as this also has to be recycled. There are plenty of ink cartridge companies that will recycle them for you so there’s no effort required on your behalf. Keep it simple, and get rid of hazardous ink cartridges the responsible way.

Power Adaptors

Are you updating office equipment and do you have old cables and power adaptors you want to get rid of? Sure, it’s tempting to dump these in the large waste bin sat outside in your car park, but hang fire for a minute as these are actually hazardous. Power adaptors should be recycled responsibly with other items of waste hazards.

USB Sticks

Every office has them, but did you know USB sticks are also listed as hazardous and need to be disposed of in an ethical manner? Flash drives can be recycled for good causes, and companies that are aware of their carbon footprint often recycle such products, which are then turned into new goods.

Glues and Adhesives

Sticky products such as glues and adhesives are other items that often find their way into the general waste bin when they shouldn’t. They can be harmful to humans, so are classified as hazardous waste and need to be disposed of carefully using approved methods.

If you are wondering what is classified as hazardous waste at work, read this guide from the Environment Agency.  Should you require a waste collection from your workplace, you can contact us here at Pure Clean Waste Solutions or call us today to arrange a pick-up on 0161 430 1111.

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