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Be More Eco-Friendly By Doing This

Going green can feel a little overpowering, to begin with, but there are very simple measures you can take to become more environmentally friendly and live a greener lifestyle. Basic changes are all that is required to change your habits, and you might want to try the following to start the ball rolling.

Cancel newspapers

Do you have newspapers or magazines delivered to your door? If so, have you considered reading these online to prevent the build-up of waste paper? Sure, you can recycle newspapers and magazines, but you are still creating a paper trail when there really is no need. Start reading online and you’ll instantly prevent this problem.

Try carpooling

Make enquiries at work to find out if anybody is interested in joining a carpooling scheme. You can all contribute to fund the cost of travel to and from work and make the journey together sharing one car. This is obviously better for the environment, and it also prevents you driving into work separately, which is a waste of fuel and has a negative impact on the climate.

Purchase e-tickets

When you buy tickets for the cinema, flights etc, make sure you select the e-ticket option which eliminates a paper trail straight away. If you don’t need to print a ticket and can use an electronic version instead, you reduce paper waste and add another notch on your eco-friendly belt.

Opt for paperless statements

Instead of receiving bank statements, visa statements and monthly updates from catalogue stores through the post, ask for this information to be sent to you electronically instead. Make sure your internet security is up-to-date and get rid of printed statements which you’ll only have to shred to dispose of safely anyway.

Combine Trips

If you need to pop to the supermarket to do a food shop, could you combine this journey with a trip to the recycling centre or maybe take your clothes to the dry cleaners en-route? Complete multiple tasks in one journey and this will save time and fuel, which is obviously kinder to the environment.

Make subtle changes to your daily routine and it’s amazing how quickly you can adopt a new greener lifestyle. As an expert waste disposal and collection service, we understand how important it is to be as environmentally friendly as possible here at Pure Clean Waste Solutions Ltd, and offer professional and reliable solutions for clients in many industry sectors.

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