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Why Car Battery Recycling is Important

Have you ever wondered why it’s so important to recycle your car battery and find it hard to understand why you can’t just throw it in a skip? If we told you here at Pure Clean Waste Solutions Ltd that every car battery can be totally recycled to create a new battery, this might just make you think again. Recycling all items is important, and here we explain the significance of battery recycling, and why it’s so vital to the environment.

The reasons we recycle

Recycling is an important process that helps to keep our environment safe. By converting used materials they can be reused again, thus reducing waste, and cutting down on the amount of content that goes to landfill. By recycling any product, and that includes car batteries, you eliminate the need for new materials and reduce the environmental impact that is commonly associated with hazardous waste materials.

How does battery recycling help

Recycling car batteries can help to produce new batteries from used materials and this is much kinder to our planet. It can also reduce the costs involved in the production of new batteries by recycling raw materials and is also a practical and sensible solution to reduce the impact of waste.

Can all parts of car batteries be recycled?

Yes, they can, and each individual part can then be re-used in the production of other batteries. The outer casing on the battery is broken up and converted into plastic pallets which can then be used for new covers. The lead in battery terminals can also be melted down and turned into ingots which can then be used for new terminals and battery grids. Plus the battery acid can also be recycled and converted into sodium sulphate, a material used in a wide range of other products.

Recycling helps to reduce the impact of battery dumping where units are improperly discarded, and as a consequence, become hazardous waste. We can prevent this here at Pure Clean Waste Solutions Ltd. Using our fleet of ADR approved vehicles, our highly trained operatives will collect vehicle batteries ready for recycling, and bring them back to our licensed site in Stockport.  Please contact us for more details or call 0161 430 1111 today.

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