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Where you can use recycled products for your business

Think you are doing your bit for the environment simply by recycling goods? Technically you are but there’s plenty of other ways to lower your carbon footprint, just switch your mind to eco-friendly ideas.

Hazardous waste collections help. Using a waste management service like PCWS is a huge step in the right direction. And making a conscious effort to buy recycled goods from now on is a massive leap into the eco world.

Here’s a small selection of recycled products you could buy for your business. Start using these items to become a greener company.

Photocopier paper

How much copying does your business produce? Keep a tally one week and you’ll be shocked at how much paper you get through. Try to reduce the output if you can but reduce the impact you have on the environment by switching to recycled copier paper from now on.


The same goes for office stationery too. Letters, memos, invoices and business cards can all be printed on recycled paper. Make a special effort to source stationery through recycling suppliers, you’ll feel better and it looks good for your company.

Paper towels

Check the amount of paper towels your business uses as well. At the end of a particularly busy day in the office bet your washroom bins are overflowing with spent towels. Lessen the impact this has on the environment. Use towels made from recycled pulp.

Packaging goods

Ship consignments in packaging made from pre-used products. Cardboard materials are just as good the second time around. Once it has been treated recycled paper and card is perfect for all kinds of applications, it’s particularly effective as a packaging material.

Printer cartridges and toners

Recycle used printer cartridges when they have run dry. Even better, order recycled toners and become environmentally responsible this way. Refurbished cartridges are just as productive as original products and the quality is pretty much the same as well.


Up-cycled or recycled furniture will save your business money and it prevents perfectly good items going to waste.

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