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Top tips for waste reduction in the home

Every home in the UK is guilty of waste, regardless of how careful you are the chances are you’ll still produce waste without realising it. Have you thought about ways to reduce the amount of waste you create though? Try our ideas and vastly reduce the amount of rubbish your home gets through in a year.

Stick to the shopping list: When you visit the supermarket for the weekly or monthly shop stop buying items you don’t need. By the essentials and steer clear of spontaneous purchases that are unlikely to be used and will probably end up in the bin.

Reduce packaging: Start buying refill packages instead of new bottles, top up old bottles with easy to recycle containers. Buy products in packaging that can be used for other purposes, aim to buy items that can be used over and again instead of purchasing single use products.

Cut down on food waste: Make sure you eat the food you buy before it goes out of date. Make smaller portions if you regularly throw food away, start clearing your plate and keep food waste to the minimum.

Re-use packaging: Clean out glass jars and use them to store pasta, screws and bolts or homemade preserve. Keep cardboard boxes to use for children’s craft projects, wash and clean yoghurt pots and keep toilet roll and kitchen rolls for the same purpose as well.

Keep shopping bags: When you empty shopping bags put them in a drawer and take them with you when you next visit the supermarket. Or buy eco bags that can be used time and time again, stop getting extra bags when you don’t need them.

All it takes is a little thought and tiny bit of imagination to cut down on the amount of waste your home produces. Think of ways you can make a difference, or feel free to try our ideas from PCWS.

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