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Tips to make household items last longer

We encourage the reduction of waste at PCWS and see far too many households throw out items that still have plenty of life left in them. Instead of throwing things away when they are running a little low, or opening fresh products when you think something has run out, double check and see if there are few more uses left in it. Here are some household tips for you to try.

Toothpaste – Having trouble squeezing all the toothpaste out of the tube. Roll it up from bottom to top and get as many brushes out of the paste as you can. Another tip is a cut open the tube when you think it’s empty, you’ll get a couple of more brushes at least.

Store bottle upside down – Ketchup, shampoos and any other plastic bottles benefit from being stored the wrong way up. It makes it easier to get the product out of the bottles when you store them upside down and prevents waste at the same time.

Use shower gel sparingly – Take notice of the amount of gel you use in the shower. The next time you take a shower squeeze less on your hands. Bet you get just as good a lather and use less product in the product.

Cut down on detergents – Read the manufacturer’s recommendations for detergent and totally ignore it. They want you to use more of their products quicker so you have to buy their goods sooner. Cut back on the amount of washing powder you use, your clothes will still be clean, it’ll just take you longer to get through the packet.

Use every last drop of ink – When your printer flags up a warning saying it has run out of ink ignore it, keep printing until the ink runs dry. Save wastage by only printing what you need, that will make the ink last longer too.

All you need is a bit of thought and you’ll discover plenty of handy hints to make household goods last longer.

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