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The top 5 reasons you should start recycling today

For most, recycling is something they’re happy to do. Taking care of the environment is vitally important for future generations after all.

But there are a few people who fail to see the advantages of recycling and don’t bother doing it.

To help these people turn to the light side, we’ve put together a brief guide one why everyone should recycle.

Lessen the burden on landfills

Landfills around the world are filling at an alarming rate. And that means we’re running out of space, and fast. But landfills aren’t the only places we’re dumping our waste. Cities situated near the sea are throwing their trash into the ocean, but they can no longer support this. If everyone took the time to recycle their rubbish, we’d need 60-75% less space for garbage.

Reduce emissions

Regardless of what you think of global warming, you should still be doing your part to lessen the impact you’re having on the environment. Recycling can help reduce emissions in a big way. For example, every ton of paper that’s recycled, 17 trees are saved. And you know what trees can do? Each one can remove up to 250 pounds of CO2 from the air every year.

Lower air pollution

Rather than use raw materials, businesses that invest in using recycle materials help reduce the amount of toxins in the air.


It takes twice as much energy to burn plastic than recycle it. Which begs the question, why do anything else other than recycle?  And making paper takes around 64% more energy than recycling old paper.

In general, recycling proves to be a much more efficient option.

You can make a difference

One of the biggest reason people don’t recycle is because they think that on their own, they can’t make a difference. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Because you’re not on your own. There are millions of people recycling every day, and one more to that number is only going to be for the good of our environment!

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