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Takeaway Waste Recycling Tips

Isn’t it nice to relax and unwind with a cheeky takeaway at the weekend? After working hard all week it’s a pleasure to pick up the phone or order food online and not have to worry about cooking. Whether your passion is for pizza, you crave a curry, or can’t wait to get stuck into a special mixed kebab, think carefully how you recycle after a takeaway meal.

Takeaway cartons

One thing you are going to have plenty of after consuming a takeaway is the cartons and packaging the food came in. This might include plastic trays, cardboard lids, polystyrene containers and greasy paper bags. All of the cardboard and paper can easily be recycled, as can the plastic containers and their lids. Remember to wash anything that is physically possible to wash before you pop it into the recycling bin.

Beer bottles and wine bottles

Have a takeaway and there’s a chance you’ll also want to down a beer or have a glass of wine (or two). Once the bottle is empty, rinse it out and put it in your glass recycling bin, or take the empties to your local recycling centre if you get the chance. You could stockpile a few empties in your garage but be prepared to do the walk of shame when you dispose of them at your household recycling centre.

Bottle tops

Beer bottle tops can easily be recycled, just wash the bottles clean, rinse the tops in soapy water and push them back onto the bottle. Most recycling centres have mixed bins for glass and metal tins, so it’s perfectly acceptable to dispose and recycle of glass bottle tops in this manner and you’ll be doing your bit as a responsible recycler.

Food waste

There’s always the temptation to over-order food when you call your favourite takeaway. Shock, horror, if you have any food left over that is going to waste, remember to dispose of this in accordance with your local authority’s recycling policy. Many ask you to place food waste in a separate bin, lined with a biodegradable bag. When the bag is full of food waste, you simply take it out of the bin and place it inside the green waste bin the council has provided you with.

By all means, enjoy a delicious takeaway meal at the weekend or whenever you feel like a treat, just make sure you recycle carefully afterward.

If you have concerns about waste management, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Pure Clean Waste Solutions Ltd, we specialise in the collection and disposal of hazardous waste right across the UK.

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