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Recycling Hazardous Waste in Car Body Shops

Car body shops are busy places so it’s little wonder they create a large amount of hazardous waste. One of the biggest problems for owners of such properties is disposing of this waste – it’s often difficult to establish what is hazardous, and what is classified as normal material.

To clear up any doubt, we list the different types of hazardous waste found in vehicle paint shops here at Pure Clean Waste Solutions. If you produce any of these, call us and we’ll come and collect them for you.

Solvents and Solvent-Paint Waste

Any solvent or paint mixed with solvents is classified as hazardous waste due to it being toxic and flammable. Obviously, if you run a car body shop you are going to use large quantities of both, so they have to be collected and disposed of in a responsible manner.

Coatings Including Base and Top Coats

Body shops get through many litres of paint and any leftover basecoats, primers or top coats should be classified as hazardous. When you have used tins or spent filters containing samples of paint, treat them as hazardous and take appropriate action to dispose of them.

Wipes and Used Paint Rags     

Dirty rags covered in paint or absorbed with solvents will be toxic and are sure to be flammable, so consider them to be hazardous too. Use rags to clean surfaces or wipe down paint equipment and it’s best to be safe, have them collected by a hazardous waste company.

Used Containers

Paint mix cups and the like should also be classified as toxic, especially if they have the remains of paint inside them and you want to dispose of them sensibly. Store them safely and arrange to have them collected with your other hazardous waste materials.

Chemical Paint Strippers and Thinners

Both toxic and flammable, waste chemical paint strippers should be collected by a hazardous waste service, under no circumstances should they be treated as general waste. These are typical of the types of waste we collect from car body shops here at Pure Clean Waste Solutions Ltd; we’re highly experienced at hazardous waste disposal.

Run a car body shop and we can collect any hazardous waste you might produce. Simply contact us for more details or call 0161 430 1111 today.

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