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Reasons to feel happy in January

It’s January, everyone is back in work feeling glum and most people are struck down with a severe case of post-Xmas blues. After all the fun and festivities during December you are bound to feel a little blue at the turn of the new year, don’t be sad though, think of a few positives and start the year as you mean to go on.

January is great because…

There’s no more Christmas music

After what seems like an eternity of listening to ‘We wish it could be Christmas every day’ your eardrums finally get a break from all those festive tunes and this is such a welcome relief. There’s only so much Mud, Wham and Shakin Stevens you can endure before your senses go into a stupor, embrace January and count your blessings, the seasonal songs have been put on hold for 10 months and not before time.

You can finally start that diet

How much food can you possibly eat at Christmas? Quite a lot is the answer. After double servings of turkey with all the trimmings, pudding with brandy sauce… cake, yuletide log, mince pies and tins of chocolates it’s time to cut back and start to eat a little more healthier. Your body will feel the benefits of a detox and diet. That lethargic feeling will start to shift and this should lighten your mood.

You can plan a summer holiday

The cold dark nights of January are the ideal time to plan for a summer break. Leaf through holiday brochures or look online as the wind howls outside, give yourself something to look forward to later on in the year and make plans for a break in the sun. Nothing shifts the January blues quicker than planning a holiday. Book early and you’ll have plenty of time to save up.

It’s a great time to start recycling 

New year. New start. This is probably the best reason to feel optimistic come January. If you have been guilty of neglecting recycling responsibilities in the past year why not embrace a new regime for 2015. Take a responsible attitude to waste, try to cut back where you can and think of positive ways to recycle unwanted goods.

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