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PCWS wipes are recycled to a very high standard reducing the need for landfill or incineration. These recycled, assorted rags are suitable for many different industrial applications. Once in the laundry the wipes are processed through a facility specifically designed to handle the types of contaminated rags our customers produce (oil, solvent, detergent and associated waste). Every wipe processed is inspected using latest technology ensuring the highest standard.

Technical Data

100% cotton yarn. Construction 2/12’s warp – 2/12’s in weft. Size:405 x 415 mm


PCWS wipes are strong and up to 4 times more absorbent than a throw away wipe or rag. All PCWS wipes are a consistent size. Rags are processed in recycled water from the site effluent treatment plant. The wipes are solvent resistant, with solvent release properties. PCWS wipes have over locked edges making them very low lint.


For reasons of cost, convenience and performance, recycled cotton wipes are the method of choice for cleaning within manufacturing, print, engineering and automotive sectors.


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