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Magido L90

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The ML90 is one of the most popular and reliable top loaders in the aqueous parts washer range. Parts are loaded manually onto the motorised stainless steel basket and the combined action of temperature, pressure and chemical action allows for the removal of oils, fats, as well as incrustations of any kind due to mechanical use. Hot air accumulated during the wash cycle allows for rapid drying of the parts providing an entirely automatic and cost effective cleaning process.

• All stainless steel construction including pipes and basket
• Low liquid level control
• Drain pump
• Motorised rotary basket providing consistent cleaning
• Gas shocks for easy opening of top cover
• Timer (0-60 min) for cycle time control
• Low noise operation
• Ergonomic design
• Safety shut-off to ensure pump does not operate when top cover is open
• Disk type oil skimmer included in the base of the machine (Optional extra)

Technical Data:
Overall machine size: (H) 1190mm (L) 1100mm (D) 900mm
Machine weight: 80 kg
Basket diameter: 780mm
Load height: 500mm
Load weight: 150 kg
Tank Capacity: 85 litres
Spray rate: 90 l/min
Spray pressure: 2.4 bar
Pump: 1 hp
Water heater: 4 kW
Power requirements: 2.2 kW
Voltage: 400 (3 Ph)
Timer: 0-60 min
Temperature: 0-60 oC

Suitable for cleaning oily engine parts for automotive, railcare and aerospace industries
Suitable for cleaning machine parts in the engineering and manufacturing industries
Suitable for cleaning ink plates, rollers and machine components in the printing industries

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