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For the larger and more substantial cleaning solutions of parts, PCWS has designed a standard size and large size parts washer tank that will suit most medium and large applications in the automotive and industrial manufacturing industries. The cleaning tank system allows the worst baked-on grime to be removed; simply immerse the parts in the solvent reservoir or bath, walk away and leave whilst the solvent gets to work. All our degreasing parts washer tanks are equipped with a handy flow through brush for manual cleaning of stubborn deposits that have not been removed by soaking alone.

All our machines come fully CE marked and conform to all safety regulations. All machines are sturdy and have been fully tested to the appropriate specifications.

• Reservoir with solution for soaking components
• Handy flow through brush for cleaning stubborn oily engine parts
• Bulk head light
• Mesh tray included allowing manual cleaning to remove more stubborn deposits
• Spring loaded fusible link which will activate in the event of a fire by closing the lid and extinguishing the fire
• Steel construction with powder coat finish
• Valve for draining solution when servicing machine
• Pump in protective housing to prevent damage

Technical Data:
Machine size: (L) 1125mm x (W) 660mm x (H) 1500mm (lid up) 890mm (lid down)
Machine weight: 77 Kgs
Solvent capacity: 80 litres
Voltage: 110 and 240 volts
Spray flow rate: 3.2 litres per minute
Max. load weight: 80 Kgs

Suitable for cleaning oily engine parts for automotive, rail care and aerospace industries
Suitable for cleaning machine parts in the engineering and manufacturing industries
Suitable for cleaning ink plates, rollers and machine components in the printing industries

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Machines include free delivery and installation charge

Two full drums (2 x 50 = 100 litres) of Low Odour Parts Washer Solvent is used in this cleaning machine. We can supply this cleaning solution at an additional cost

Cleaning Machine Hire
Why not hire our machine at very competitive rates. EMAIL US or call 0161 430 1111 for a bespoke service based on your machine usage (one week service up to a maximum 12 week service package).

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