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Brake Cleaner Concentrate



Brake Cleaner Concentrate is a water-based cleaner for cleaning brake components and assemblies.


A powerful, safe cleaner for the removal of greases, hydraulic fluids and dust from braking mechanisms.

Safe to use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminium’s, ceramics, composites and painted components.

Use to remove oils, grease, brake dust and general grimes.

Brake Cleaner Concentrate is also ideal for general hard surface cleaning in workshops, garages, petrol stations, offices, washrooms, public buildings, leisure centres etc.

Technical Data:

Brake Cleaner Concentrate is classified as IRRITANT.

Contains alkaline silicates (non-caustic)

Wear rubber gloves and safety glasses when handling neat product or strong solutions.

Brake Cleaning – when using Brake Cleaner Concentrate dilute 5 litres of product with 30 litres of water.

Product Cleaner – for mop and bucket, low pressure sprayers and high pressure washers use 1:20 (5%) to 1:50 (2%) depending on the soil loading. Leave to work and wash or wipe with clean water. When cleaning vertical surfaces start at the bottom and work upwards to avoid streaking. When cleaning or spraying near glass alsways rinse off with clean, fresh water.


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