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Legal and Rewarding Battery collections

Following the legislative changes introduced on 3rd December 2012 making paying for scrap metal with cash a legal offence, many bogus and illegal metal collection operations may now struggle to prosper. According to the Home Office, the changes aim to ‘remove the rewards that make metal theft such a low risk criminal enterprise for metal thieves and unscrupulous dealers’.

Fortunately, PCWS are licensed to comply with all VOSA and Environment Agency legislation and capable of dealing with metal waste and in particular the specialised area of lead acid battery collections, which fall under hazardous waste legislation. Being fully compliant, we provide all of the necessary paperwork to ensure an audit trail tracking your waste to disposal according to the waste hierarchy.

Not only is our service legal and professional but we will also pay you for your waste! You will be safe in the knowledge that you are meeting your waste disposal requirements whilst we are also helping to improve your cash flow. Collections of waste lead acid batteries can be arranged online via our waste valuation tool at https://www.pcws.co.uk/recycle-reward/  or you can call our office to arrange any scrap metal collection on 0161 430 1111.

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