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Items you could recycle that you probably throw away

We all do it but we shouldn’t be proud of it. Every single one of us will toss something away that could be recycled at some point in our life and that should make us sad.

How are we going to make a difference and become more sociably and environmentally responsible if we don’t take a stance and start to recycle our goods?

Let’s make a pact. Today is a new day. It’s the day we grow awareness about recycling and become eco-warriors – just think before you act and stop chucking these recyclable items away.

Mobile phones

Why throw a phone away just because it’s old? Plenty of places are willing to give you cash for that phone, it’ll be recycled and somebody else will get to benefit from the mobile.

Or you could donate the phone to a charity shop or simply give it to a friend or a relative that’s still making do with a dodgy Nokia from the late 1990s!

Whatever you do and no matter how old your phone is, recycle it instead of creating extra waste.


How many times have you thrown old clothes away just because you went off them or they started to show a few signs of wear?

This is sacrilege.

You might think the clothes are old, or you might have grown tired of them but try to look at them from another person’s perspective.

Are they really that worn? Bet if you look at them a little closer you’ll see there’s tons of life left in them yet.

Give somebody the chance to gain benefit from the clothes, that’s the whole point of recycling and it’ll make you feel good.


What happens when the batteries run out on the gadgets in your home? You throw them in the bin! It’s an involuntary action, you take the old batteries out, replace them with new ones and away you go, giving scant regard for the environmental impact.

Don’t let this happen.

Take your old batteries to a recycling centre and do your bit for the environment.

Light bulbs

Yep, this is another faux pas when it comes to recycling. A bulb blows, you replace it, the bulb gets tossed in the bin and you don’t think about the consequences.

Try something different next time. Take those old bulbs to recycling centres or collection centres in certain stores. Look online for the nearest place to find a light bulb recycling point.

Hopefully you’ll hear our call to action at PCWS and adopt some of our recycling suggestions.


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