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“How we are tackling waste crime” say the Environment Agency

Working with the police and other enforcement agencies we put waste criminals out of business and take back the profits of their crimes.

We issue permits to and regulate landfill, waste disposal, treatment and storage sites.

We’re aware of approximately 600 illegal sites across England and Wales and all high risk sites are being actively investigated.

We have dedicated national and regional teams made up of investigators, including ex-police, former detectives and forensic experts. They are leading the crackdown on waste crime. They have modern policing skills and are well equipped to tackle serious organised crime. By managing data and gathering intelligence on illegal sites we inform our approach to enforcement. We work to either bring the sites into regulation or close them down.

In 2010/11 we stopped around 1200 illegal waste sites. Approximately 170 of these were brought into regulation, the remainder were closed

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