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How to cut down on toxins within the home

Every single day your home is exposed to toxins and you breathe in harmful chemicals from a variety of household products without even giving it a second thought. We worry about these hazardous materials at PCWS and thought this blog might be of service, it highlights ways you can stamp out toxins from the home.

Take care choosing products

Start getting into the habit of checking labels on the back of products just to see how many toxic materials they contain. It’s easy to spot harmful items, they’ll have specific words on the back like caution, danger or poison. These words are good clues. Items labelled with caution for example are normally less hazardous than items that say danger or poison.  Always choose the product that’s least hazardous, it’ll reduce the amount of toxins you are exposed to.

Use less liquid

Always stick to the recommended guidelines when you are using cleaning products and read the instructions carefully. Don’t be tempted to use more fluid than is necessary to achieve sparkling results, there’s a reason the instructions and recommendations are in place.  

Make your own cleaning materials

If you are really worried about products containing toxins have a go at making your own cleaning materials. Plenty of home cleaning remedies can be found online and they’re just as effective as shop bought cleaners filled with toxins. Baking soda for example is a great oven cleaner, it leave sinks and toilets clean and fresh too. Or vinegar mixed with water is great for cleaning glass, just pour the mixture into a spray bottle for ease of use.

Stop using aerosols

Aerosols are one of the biggest culprits for hazardous toxins, they produce a fine mist that is easily inhaled. You can avoid this by switching to pump spray bottles instead, they’re just as easy to use but less harmful to your body.

There are various ways to reduce toxins in the home, change your routine a little and it’ll be safer for all members of the house.

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