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How full is your bin when the council comes to empty it every couple of weeks? If you have trouble closing the lid, there’s a good chance you are guilty of disposing of items that could be used again. We all do it but that doesn’t condone our actions. Don’t worry though, we’ve come up a few ideas in our latest blog so you can reuse stuff instead of throwing it away.

Tin foil What’s your thought on reusing tin foil? Hopefully you’ll be eager to try because there are countless ways to reuse tin foil. One option is to use foil to clean rust off steel or chrome, just scrunch it up and start scrubbing. Another is to sharpen scissors, just fold the foil over a few times then cut through it and you sharpen the blades. Finally, you can create ‘plant shields’ with used foil, wrap it around stems to keeps bugs and insects at bay.

Freezer bags Yep, save those freezer bags after use, simply soak them in soapy water, rinse and dry them out and use them time and time again. Why buy fresh ones when you can carry on reusing bags and save money and waste at the same?

Old margarine tubs Plastic margarine tubs are great containers for slices of fruit, pieces of pasta, couscous, nuts and berries, in fact they make really useful lunch packs. Wash them out thoroughly first and you can open and close the lid on countless occasions and have a sealed container for a range of produce.

Egg boxes Want to create a nifty paint palette for the kids? Try the base of an egg box and they can have tons of fun mixing and matching colours. Egg boxes are good for organising beads, nuts and screws, you can plant starter seeds in them and you can fill the plastic bases with water, pop them in the fridge and you have the perfect DIY ice tray too.

Just think before you throw waste away, is it really rubbish or could it lead another life?

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