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Fuel Contamination, the Facts

Fuel testing, sampling and analysis are some of the vital services we provide here at PCWS.  These are really handy practices that can be extremely useful to help spot signs of fuel contamination, do this early enough and you can prevent serious issues happening to expensive equipment such as vehicles and site generators.

Fail to spot the early warning indicators of fuel contamination and very quickly you can find expensive items of fleet suffering from a range of conditions including all of the following issues:

Diesel Problems caused by contaminated fuel can include:

  • Blocked and Clogged Filters
  • Worn and dilapidated Injectors
  • Total Engine Failure
  • Corroded Fuel Tanks

Any or all of these symptoms could be a signal of fuel contamination, if you are experiencing these problems on a regular basis and think your main fuel source could be responsible you should get in touch with fuel sampling experts like our team at PCWS.

Water is one of the biggest culprits in cases of fuel contamination, and this can affect fuel in a number of ways. In particular, water is found in fuel in three unique states, it can be dissolved, emulsified or running free

Dissolved water

Water can be found pretty much anywhere so why should diesel oil be any different? When it takes on a dissolved level you will find water molecules present right through the oil, it’s unseen, but gets distributed through the fluid molecule by molecule.

Emulsified water

When water reaches saturation point the fuel mixture then becomes emulsified and suspends on top of the fuel. You can tell when this happens, it creates a cloudy appearance, and you know there’s an issue with the diesel.

Free water

This is one of the most developed stages of contamination and it happens when the water falls out of a state of emulsification and forms into puddles at the base of the fuel tank. Once it reaches this stage further problems are a genuine concern such as diesel bugs or microbial growth.

Have your fuel analysed

Thankfully we can test any type of fuel for contaminant including:

  • Standard Diesel
  • Petrol
  • Red Diesel (Gas Oil)
  • Bio Fuels
  • Kerosene

Our fuel analysis is very simple to arrange and we can provide fixed priced packages for your peace of mind, just give us a call at PCWS on 0161 430 1111 to find out how we can be of service to you.

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