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Do You Recycle These Bathroom Products?

Even if you are the most waste-friendly household, there’s a really good chance you are throwing items away that could be recycled and made use of again.

Take bathroom products for example. They come in fancy packaging and unless you are totally on the ball, you might just miss a trick and forget to recycle them if you’re not careful.

The next time you pamper yourself in the bathroom, make sure you recycle these items if you want to be a waste-sensitive household.

Bathroom items you can definitely recycle

Shampoo bottles

Most shampoo bottles are made from plastic materials and they are perfectly recyclable. Wash them out to remove all traces of shampoo and pop them into your plastics recycling bin. Don’t toss them away casually into the bathroom bin. Do this and they’ll only end up as landfill.

Toothpaste tubes

Your favourite brand of toothpaste is more than likely contained inside plastic tubing. This is perfectly recyclable so why do you throw it away without giving it a second thought?  Be better. Start taking care of plastic tubes and make sure they are deposited in the right recycling container.

Razor packages

Open a new packet of razors and what type of packaging of they come from? Bet it’s a mix of plastic and card. Both of these materials can be recycled and reused for other purposes. Save them and recycle them.

Mouthwash bottles

Minty fresh breath comes at a cost if you don’t dispose of the empty mouthwash bottle in the right way. Rinse, gargle and spit. Once the bottle is empty, make sure you toss it into the plastics recycling bin you have at home.

Medicine bottles

Plastic medicine bottles are totally recyclable too. Once you have emptied them clean them out and add them to your tally of recycling.

Be a better recycler!

Spend more time monitoring the amount of recycling you get through in the bathroom. Should you require reliable waste services, get in touch with us here at Pure Clean Waste Solutions Ltd.

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