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Do This and Recycle Your Way Through Christmas!

Well, the festive season is nearly upon once again and that means our production of waste is about to go through the roof. From mountains of gift wrap to countless wine bottles and unwanted present packaging, your household will create a scandalous amount of waste over Christmas and the New Year.

Be proactive with recycling this Christmas and you can minimise the amount of waste that has to go to landfill. Recycle as much unwanted waste as you can and enjoy the festive season knowing you are being responsible as you enjoy the seasonal festivities this year.

Clever ways to recycle this Christmas

Recycle wrapping paper

Instead of throwing wrapping paper away, have you considered using it again in the future? Carefully open gifts by gently peeling the sticky tape back and you can salvage the paper and wrap gifts with it next Christmas. When you consider the cost of expensive wrapping paper it seems a shame to discard it after one use. By salvaging it and saving it for future use, you reduce the amount of waste you create and also save money on gift wrap at Xmas!

Buy a real tree and recycle it

For a truly authentic Christmas consider buying a real tree this year. Whether you choose a Nordman Fir or a Spruce Pine tree, this is going to look wonderful, smell amazing, and make your house fabulously festive. The brilliant thing about real Christmas trees is you can recycle them after the holidays and either have them collected by your local council or take them to your nearest waste recycling centre. Discarded trees are shredded into tiny pieces and the bits left over are used as compost which is then spread over the land.

Take care disposing of batteries

Batteries are one thing you are definitely going to need this Christmas. Lots of them! All those gadgets, games, and electronic gizmos will need powering somehow and most of them will require multiple types of batteries. When the batteries are dead don’t just throw them in the bin. Take them to a recycling centre and look for the special area for battery recycling.

Recycle gift packaging

Christmas gifts come in many shapes and sizes and a large proportion of them are packaged in cardboard boxes or plastic packaging. Make sure you dispose of these carefully by placing them inside the appropriate recycling bin. If you are struggling for space inside your cardboard and plastic recycling bins, save the packaging until your local recycling centre is open after the Christmas holidays and dispose of them here at a later date.

Make use of bottle banks

If you like a festive tipple over Christmas, save your empty alcohol bottles and aluminium drinks cans and take them to your local bottle bank where you can safely recycle them. Many supermarkets have recycling points for bottles, cans and cardboard. You could do a spot of recycling first and then pop to the store to stock up on New Year’s Eve supplies.

Christmas is a time for giving. It’s also a time when we create a large amount of waste. Consider recycling over the festive holidays and be extra responsible with waste disposal during the Xmas break.

From all the team here at Pure Clean Waste Solutions, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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