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Brake Cleaning For Road Safety

To enable a vehicle to stop safely on a public highway a number of things have to happen.

One is you need a vehicle in good mechanical condition, with brakes that work. The other is you need tyres fitted to the vehicle with plenty of grip, to dispel water away from the road surface. Finally, you need a road surface that’s safe to use, one that is maintained to a high standard and made from good quality media.

Unfortunately these three elements are often out of kilter with each other. Drivers don’t always maintain their vehicles as they should, important mechanical factors such as braking systems and tyres can be less than perfect, and highway agencies don’t always maintain roads to the best possible standards, which can result in accidents or injuries.

Brake safety is critical

Maintain braking systems and you prevent road traffic accidents. This is why regular servicing and the annual MOTs are so vital, routine checks will assess how safe brakes are, they give you a clear indication whether discs, pads or callipers need replacing.

Poorly maintained brakes can affect the handling of a vehicle in a number of ways. Fail to maintain the brakes on your vehicle and this will increase your stopping distances, if the brakes are too shot, the vehicle might not stop at all!

Numerous problems are associated with bad brake maintenance which can include brake fluid losses, scoring or squealing, disc distortion, or excessive wear and tear on pads

Clean brakes are healthy brakes

Cleaning, replacing and maintaining brake parts will keep a vehicle safe and we have a handy solution for garages that need to clean vehicle brake parts here at PCWS.

It’s a special type of brake cleaner, it’s used in a number of workshops throughout the UK, and it uses an air supply and aqueous solution to totally clean and dry brake components, using a simple, safe and environmentally-friendly action.

Run a garage that repairs braking systems and this could make a useful addition to your existing mechanical equipment, helping you to care for customer cars.

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