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3 ways to prevent a fire in the work place

Work place environments are prone to fire hazards, some more than others. If proper care isn’t taken, a fire can quickly become too hot to handle putting lives at risk. Not only this, but it could cost many people a job if their place of work was to burn down.

Here we’re going to outline a few ways in which you can prevent fires in your workplace

Keep it clean

The first rule companies must follow when working towards fire prevention is ensuring that the workplace is clean. It’s mostly a matter of common sense, but during the day to day stresses of working life, it’s easy to forget.

Flammable materials should be kept well away from any heat source. Things like paper and chemicals can quickly make a small fire much larger. You should also make sure that all machinery in and around the workplace is properly maintained; failing to do this could end up causing an electrical fire.

Hazardous materials such as waste oil filters, brake fluid, contaminated oil rags, waste aerosols etc should be properly disposed of in a timely manner. Don’t let your hazardous waste build up, call Pure Clean Waste Solutions Ltd and we’ll come and remove it for safe disposal.


The best thing that any workplace can do is to ensure that they have all the necessary tools in place to prevent and quickly tackle a fire.

First you should make sure that every employee has adequate fire safety training and understands the procedures that need to happen in the event of a fire. All employees should also know the location of all fire extinguishers and how to use them. They should also be aware of the location of each and every fire exit within the building.

Your business should regularly conduct fire drills to ensure that all members of staff understand what needs to be done. This fire drill should also include the testing of each fire alarm. It’s vital that all fire alarms work. If they don’t a fire could quickly creep up on you.

Elect a fire warden

Whilst all staff should have basic training in fire safety you should also elect a fire warden for each floor of your premises. This warden will be the ‘expert’ and should have strong organisational skills. In the even t of the fire they’ll be able to quickly evacuate the building and take stock of who is with them and who isn’t.

Fire safety is a must for every business. Neglecting it could cause a serious fire injuring your staff and your business.

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