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3 ways to make money from waste materials

Head to a recycling centre with a boot full of bottles and you’ll leave feeling pretty good about yourself. There’s something satisfying about recycling, you know you’re doing a good thing and it’s rather fulfilling to take a box of empty bottles or a stash of waste cardboard to a site that specialises in waste materials. At PCWS we want you to feel satisfied about recycling materials so we wanted to point out three ways you can make a little cash from the waste you want off your site.

  1. Cash for waste oil: Build up a large enough quantity of waste oil and we’d love to take the material off your hands. PCWS make payments for waste oil collections and we’ll give you the best price possible for your contaminated fluid. Ask us for a quote and see how much money you can make simply by getting rid of litres of waste oil.
  2. Payment for mixed fuel waste: Waste fuels are another way to make money. Run a garage or some other business that wants to get rid of a few hundred litres of mixed fuel waste and not only will we collect it from your premises and save you the trouble of disposing the fluid, we’ll give you a great price for the contaminated waste as well. Look at the ‘Recycle Reward’ section of our site and see how much money you can get for that unwanted waste fuel mix.
  3. Money for old batteries: Got a pile of old car batteries taking up room at your workshop? Make a little money from them and clear out clutter at the same time. We’ll pick up the batteries and pay you the market value for the waste acid products in the process. It really is money for old rope (or old batteries in this case!) and a great way to recycle whilst putting a little cash in your pocket.

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