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Spray Gun Cleaning – Advice and Tips

Spray guns are commonly used in auto repair shops for repainting bodywork and adding clear coats of paint. Applying particles directly onto surface areas, spray guns operate through gravity fed or suction fed systems to produce a flat and flawless finish. Carefully maintain spray guns and it’s very easy to achieve a glass like finish after painting a vehicle. This can be accomplished by hiring spray gun cleaners and automated cleaning machines used in vehicle body shops.

When should gun cleaning take place?

Ideally, spray guns should be cleaned as soon as possible after painting body panels to prevent complications and system fails. Left for too long after use and paint guns can be difficult to clean, especially once the paint has dried. Clean the equipment as soon as you have finished painting and you prevent the risk of problems.

What happens if the gun isn’t cleaned?

Fail to clean the gun properly and this can lead to blocked air ducts which affect the overall performance of the spray gun. Even the tiniest dirt particles will hinder the operating capability of the gun and could even render it useless if paint or dirt is left to accumulate. Detailed cleaning keeps the gun working perfectly and gives you greater confidence when you are spraying panels.

Why is spray gun cleaning important?       

Keeping spray equipment clean is important for a number of reasons. You extend the life expectancy of a spray gun if you clean it after use which saves you money in the long run. The performance of the spray equipment is much better if you clean on a regular basis too. Plus there is no gradual build up of dirt when you use a spray gun cleaner regularly.

Buy or rent a spray gun cleaner today

Here at Pure Clean Waste Solutions Ltd, we understand the importance of solvent and water based spray gun cleaners for auto body shops and this is why we have a number of systems for you to hire or buy.

Simply contact us and leave your enquiry if you want more details about spray gun cleaners or need advice about waste solutions.  Alternatively, call to speak to us in person on 0161 430 1111.

The Secrets of Screen Wash Revealed

Have you added screen wash to the water reservoir of your car this winter? If not, don’t worry, there’s still time to top up when you get a moment. It’s advisable to use screen wash during the winter and we’d recommend you keep the windscreen washers topped up with washer fluid throughout the rest of the year as well, as part of your vehicle maintenance.

If you don’t know anything about screen wash, we reveal how important it is to motoring right here, and debunk a few myths at the same time.

Why use screen wash?

Putting it simply, screen wash helps to clean the glass on your car meaning you have a clear, unobstructed view of the road. Regardless of the road conditions, and no matter how much dirt is sprayed onto the windscreen of your car, you can keep it clean and clear with a quick spray of the window washers, especially when the water is mixed with the right quantity of screen wash.

Is it just for winter use?

You can use screen wash throughout the year and we’d strongly recommend this here at PCWS. In the winter it helps to remove dirt and grime sprayed onto the windscreen such as slush, salt and general road debris. In the summer it shifts flies, bugs and foreign matter that splatter unceremoniously against the glass.

Can’t I just use water?

Not really. This will simply freeze in the winter when the temperature starts to plummet leaving you with a sheet of ice spread right across the windscreen. Windscreen reservoir water needs to be mixed with the right amount of screen wash to prevent this from happening.

Won’t washing up liquid do?

This is a common misconception. People wrongly assume that washing up liquid is bubbly and frothy so perfect for cleaning car windscreens. Sadly the froth factor can be too much and cause visibility issues. Plus washing up liquids can leave a nasty film across the glass which smears when the wipers are applied during rainy weather conditions. Use the correct mix of screen wash inside your car’s water reservoir and you’ll be able to keep your windscreen streak-free with an unimpeded view of the road.

Obviously as a hazardous waste, we’d recommend you dispose of unwanted screen wash, antifreeze and similar materials in a safe and sensible way. As an approved waste disposal service, this is something we offer here at Pure Clean Waste Solutions.

Call us to do discuss your waste disposal requirements on 0161 430 1111 and we’d be happy to help!

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