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Immediate Benefits of Recycling Hazardous Waste

Those new to the world of hazardous waste recycling might wonder what all the fuss is about. Surely as long as you choose an experienced waste collection service you have nothing to worry about, they’ll just collect your unwanted refuse and take it away for you. Whilst this is true, it’s not a bad idea to understand some of the advantages of hazardous waste recycling. This will remove any queries or questions you might have about recycling waste materials and help to reinforce the importance of taking this course of action.

What are the advantages of recycling hazardous waste materials?

You safeguard the environment

Dumping hazardous materials in landfill environments has such a damaging effect on the planet. Toxic substances seep into the earth. This can impact local water supplies and the nearby natural environment including wildlife, flora and fauna. By disposing of and recycling hazardous waste materials responsibly you immediately eliminate this problem.

You prevent the need to use raw materials

Recycle hazardous waste and this prevents the need to use other types of material thus cutting down on consumption of said items in general. Not only is it sensible to recycle it can be cost-effective too, you lower production prices which mean you can pass these savings onto the consumer, creating a win-win situation all around.

It’s a great way to reduce fossil fuels

Recycle hazardous waste and this helps to cut down on energy use and burns fewer fossil fuels. The general public is well aware that natural fuels are in a state of decline, anything we can do to reduce energy usage should be warmly received. Recycling plays an important part of this.

This is great for your image

Make your clients aware you like to recycle. This shows you are an environmentally friendly company that takes its position of responsibility seriously. Consumers appreciate greener companies that support the merits of recycling. If you can prove to them you recycle hazardous waste, this can have a positive impact on your business.

Start recycling today!

There’s never been a better time to recycle waste materials. Simply consider the benefits this will offer to you and contact us here at Pure Clean Waste Solutions Ltd to arrange your waste collection.

Did You Know You Can Recycle All of This?

How many times have you looked at something, wondered if it could be recycled, then simply threw it in the main waste bin? We all know that glass bottles, paper and card are waste materials which can easily be recycled, but did you know batteries and bras are totally recyclable as well?

There are plenty of products out there that are perfect for recycling purposes many of which end their life in general waste bins. To prove this point, we list a number of items that can be recycled but you might not realise it.

Asthma Inhalers

Did you know you can recycle used asthma inhalers at a select number of pharmacies? Used or unused medicines can be safely disposed of through participating shops and they are collected by recycling and recovery schemes such as GSK in the UK.  Instead of throwing unwanted inhalers away, consider recycling them from now on.


Think you have to throw old carpet away once it’s become a little threadbare or covered in stains? You could recycle it instead through an approved service like Carpet Recycling UK. This not for profit organisation specialises in reducing carpet waste countrywide, consider this option if you are putting new flooring down this year.

Reading Glasses

If you need glasses for reading it’s recommended you have your eyes tested every couple of years. More often than not you will need a new prescription and that means you are left with old pairs of glasses, which usually get thrown away. Prevent this by recycling them and give them to people in need. Charities such as Vision Aid Overseas collect unwanted glasses and make eye care accessible to disadvantaged people with poor vision.

Cosmetic Products

What do you do with used lippies? Bet they get tossed straight into the bin, but did you know certain cosmetic manufacturers encourage recycling and some give you FREE products if you return a certain amount of empty products to them? Take beauty specialists MAC for example. They will give you a free lipstick in exchange for 6 empty MAC product packages. It’s a great incentive to make you recycle moving forwards.

Think more about recycling!

Be a little more aware when you are dealing with waste in the future, there’s a really good chance it can be recycled in one way or another.

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