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Waste Oil

Waste Oil refers to all petrol oil and synthetic oil that has been used contaminated or both, and therefore, is no longer suitable for further use.

Waste oil is generated in abundance in the UK by many businesses, such as motor oil, brake fluids and hydraulic oil."waste oil contact"

It is estimated that approximately 400,000 tonnes of waste oil is produced every year in the UK alone.

Waste oil can be damaging to the environment and is categorised as special waste, which needs deposing of in line with consignment notes specified by the Environment Agency in the UK.

PCWS are a waste oil collection and disposal business who operate to EA guidelines and are fully licensed, experienced and trained to remove waste oil generated by any type of business.

If you produce waste oil in the UK and require its removal without disruption to your business and without excessive costs, contact PCWS today on 0161 430 1111.

We will will be more than happy to help with your waste oil.

And, you may even qualify to get cashback for the waste oil that you produce.

If you require any other type of waste removal, then please talk to us about that too.

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