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Waste Oil Collection Birmingham

Waste Oil Collection BirminghamPure Clean Waste Solutions offer Birmingham businesses the best waste oil collection services at the best possible prices.

And, in certain cases, we can pay you for the collection of hazardous materials and waste oil at your Birmingham Company. Use our Online Waste Oil Collection Calculator to find out how much your waste oil may be worth.

We make sure we completely understand your requirements and then create a structured, bespoke solution ideal for you, as we value forming long-lasting, positive partnerships with all our Birmingham customers..

Naturally, we are a fully licensed hazardous waste management company so you can be assured that our waste oil collection and disposal will provide you with the consignment and Environment Agency paperwork to prove you’ve fulfilled your legal obligations

We have many year’s experience collecting oil from Birmingham business, be they motor car dealerships, bodyshops, engineering companies and many other producers of surplus and waste oil.

Not only can we cater for waste oil collection at your Birmingham firm, but the collection and safe, compliant disposal of other hazardous waste materials – see details of hazardous waste material we collect .

We will make sure that your Birmingham business is fully compliant with the latest environmental legislation for the collection, disposal and recycling of your waste oil. 

Phone now on 0161 430 1111 for more information on how we can provide the best waste oil collection and disposal in Birmingham.  

Our Waste Oil Collection in Birmingham

All your Birmingham waste oil is collected by our ADR approved vehicles, manned by highly experienced and trained professionals in hazardous waste collection and disposal.

It will then be taken to our licensed site and then recycled or disposed of in line with legislative guidelines.

This guarantees that you  have fulfilled your legal obligation to dispose of your hazardous waste in a responsible fashion with a professional hazardous waste management company.

Why Choose PCWS For Your Birmingham Waste Oil Collection?

We are leading UK Company both expert and experienced in hazardous waste management, but we place an added premium on the customer relationships we build with our Birmingham clients.

We go above and beyond to understand your needs and requirements so you have the effective waste oil collection and disposal service you need at the most competitive prices.

And, we take very seriously our moral and environmental role regarding hazardous waste management and its safe collection, transport and disposal.

Along with collecting and disposing of your waste oil, we offer all our Birmingham customers a full and structured hazardous waste management service:


Call now on 0161 430 1111 for a friendly chat on how we can help with your waste oil collection.   

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