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Machine Coalescer – Tramp Oil Separator

The  PCWS Coalescer is a leading tramp oil separator/tramp oil skimmer machine. The separator is designed to remove tramp oil (free lubricating and hydraulic oil) from coolants in machine tool sumps, component washing systems and quench tanks.

By using the PCWS Coalescer, according to an independant study, it will improve metalwork fluid life by at least 100%, reducing the need for new coolant. Coolant disposal cost is eliminated and tool life will be increased by up to 25%. Clean coolant does not need replacing and is a much more efficient lubricant, adding to tool life. Since oil contamination is the most common cause of metal working fluid disposal, this system will reduce the need for hazardous waste disposal. Machine efficiency is increased and operator safety is improved, since the PCWS Coalescer works with little maintenance attention and without interrupting production time.

The  PCWS Coalescer not only helps keep your coolant clean but it also helps keep the environment clean. Bacteria grows and feeds on the contaminants  in coolant. This baceria is the leading cause of operator dermititis and the foul smell associated with rancid coolant. Removing the tramp oil eliminates the food source and the bacteria, providing a safe, healthy and more pleasant environment for the machine operator.

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Technical Data

Machine size: 432 x 406 x 610mm

Pump: Air Flo – CPS-MINI. Designed for optimal efficiency at 2.2 litres per minute flow rate.

Process rate: 2.25 to 3.4 litres per minute


All steel construction and no internal parts to wear provides years of continuous service

Positive coolant flow – the PCWS Coalescer draws coolant into the coalescing box at a minimum rate of 2,200 litres per day

Superior float design – 3-ball float captures the oil where it accumulates most: at the surface of the coolant

Simple oil separation – a simple weir dam arrangement captures the oil and sends it to a holding tank for disposal

No electrical power required


Typical Applications: The PCWS Coalescer can be utilsed anywhere there are two distinct phases of liquid i.e. oil and water. Successful PCWS Coalescer apllications include: Machine Tool Coolants, Mop/Wash Water, Compressor Blow Down, Oil Spill Clean Up, Rain Water Run-off, Retention Tanks at Vehicle Wash Stations, Quenching Tanks.

Selling Price

£1,615.00 + VAT. Additions cost for Installation (including testing and demonsration) of £75.00 + VAT

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