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Bioremediation cleaning machines are highly effective, safe, user friendly and environmentally friendly water based parts washers.

What is Bioremediation? 

Bioremediation is nature’s way of cleaning up. Technically, it is the accelerated breakdown of organic compounds through the use of enzymes, bacteria, or fungi. It’s a safe, environmentally-friendly way to handle many kinds of hazardous waste and is supported by the EPA as a viable solution for cleanup of oil spills and other contaminants.

How does it work in the Smartwasher Cleaning Machines? 

The SmartWasher uses a filter Mat to introduce microbes into the cleaning process.  During the cleaning process microbes will be combined to form a colony that thrives and multiplies once activated in the SmartWasher. As the solution begins circulating and moves through the machine it attacks and eats the oil and grease particles leaving the cleaned parts made from materials such as industrial grade metal and natural rubber unharmed. Unlike mineral spirits, the cleaning solution doesn’t sting or burn and actually feels good on bare hands.

The SmartWasher offers you an alternative to solvent cleaning, leading to major improvements in the workplace and often at a lower cost.

Fact Sheet

 PCS25 Smartwasher  

PCS25 Green Base Smartwasher (2)

The PCS25 is a solvent free, easy to maintain bioremediating parts washer. The cleaning machine is heated to a temperature of 40°c and using the unique bioremediation technology means that oil and grease are broken down by microbes maintaining the cleaning efficiency of the fluid and eliminating hazardous waste disposal.

All you need to do is regularly top up with degreasing fluid and change the filter mat on a monthly basis and your Smartwasher will keep on cleaning.

Overall Dimensions: L99.1 x W73.6 x H101.6cm
Inside Sink Dimensions: L66.0 x W43.2 x H17.8cm
Weight: 112kg (when full). 32kg (empty)


PCS28 Supersink Smartwasher


The PCS28 is the PCS25 Smartwasher cleaning machine with a ‘Super Size’ sink giving the user even more flexibility.

Overall Dimensions: L119.4 x W96.5 x H106.7cm
Inside Sink Dimensions: L104.1 x W66.0 X H20.3cm
Weight: 117kg (when full) 37kg (empty)

  PCS23 Mobile Smartwasher 


The PCS23 is a mobile solvent free bioremediating parts washer that can be moved around the workplace to tackle all your degreasing and cleaning applications. Mobility is made easy with the compact, yet durable dolly; complete with a footstep to move the PCS23 easily around the work place and over cords and hoses.

Overall Dimensions: 109.2 x W68.6 x H105.4cm
Inside Sink Dimensions: L67.3 x W57.2 X H20.3cm
Weight: 92kg (when full). 32kg (empty)


PCS100 Bench Top Parts Cleaner 

Bench Top Machine

The PCS100 is a portable solvent free bioremediating parts washer that is easy to maintain and can be moved to where it’s needed most. This cleaning machine is fitted with a modern controller with low fluid indicator and energy saving mode – energy savings of more than 50% can be achieved when the energy saving mode is activated.

Dimensions: 520 x 560 x 404mm (Width x Depth x Length)
Net Weight: 14kg




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