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Pure Clean Waste Solutions is a leading provider of parts washers and we can also provide comprehensive parts washer services.

Our aim is to help with your waste, be that from waste management and disposal to part washers that enable you to quickly and efficiently clean the tools of your trade – and we can service your part washers ensuring they remain in top condition and that your business continues to trade efficiently whilst adhering to all UK and EU regulations.

In the same way we have a parts washer for all needs, we can tailor a service package to suit. From a one-week service, to a 12-week offering to something tailored specifically to your needs; and always by ADR qualified professionals who will remove waste from the machine, and replace with new solution. The waste we remove is taken to our plant and then made good for recycling, something we take great pride in as we strive to be as friendly to the environment as possible.

Please call us today on 0161 430 1111 so that we can discuss all your parts washer and servicing needs – we are also happy to come out for a free site visit – simply fill in this form.

Why use Pure Clean Waste Solutions for parts washer services

The reason to choose PCWS is because of our expertise in the field and our ethos. As strange as it might sound, we care about your waste, love it even. We care about disposing of it properly, to all EU and UK regulations and also fulfilling moral obligations to the environment.


But we also have decades worth of experience in the industry and specifically with parts washers – providing both degreasing parts washers and aqueous parts washers and servicing both to the highest standards.

The two types of parts washers are suitable for different business needs – if you are considering a new washer we would be ahppy to spend the time advising you on which might work for your business. Aqueous parts washers utilise newer technology to be truly future proof, but for many the older style degreasing parts washers will still be suitable. Either way, our machines are of the highest quality, as are the servicing packages.

Should you wish, we can discuss your needs during a site visit, this has the added benefit that we can advise on whether your parts washer might be best rehoused – especially if ventilation is likely to be an issue. Our experts can make sure your unit conforms to every regulation.

As with all businesses we of course want to grow but we want to do that the traditional way; through superb service, reliability and word-of-mouth recommendations and building relationships with customers, suppliers and legislative bodies based on mutual respect. For businesses, we want to take the stress out of waste, through our rigorous paper trails and willingness to come on site during any environment agency visits.

To discuss parts washer services please call us on 0161 430 1111 – our friendly team are on hand to discuss your needs and come up with a solution to fit.

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