Hazardous Waste Disposal Stoke

Hazardous Waste Disposal Stoke – high quality disposal at the right price

PCWS provide hazardous waste disposal in Stoke for businesses that produces hazardous waste.

We will keep you fully compliant with all EA guidelines without more costs than necessary or effort from you.

Every firm in Stoke producing hazardous waste needs to dispose of this hazardous waste in line with legal guidelines.

But this needn’t be a major headache for your business. We help Stoke companies keep the costs down and take care of all their other responsibilities for labelling, containment and removal.

We can provide your Stoke company with a full environmental health check, including:-

  • extensive site audit of your Stoke premises"hazardous waste disposal Stoke  notes"
  • full analysis and the characterisation of all your hazardous waste
  • proper packaging of all containers and proper labelling
  • fulfil all transport needs from your Stoke base
  • the reuse and recycle hazardous waste when possible
  • paperwork fulfilment – i.e. up to date with all duty-of-care and consignment notes
  • any help required with all environment agency checks/visits to your Stoke premises

If you only require disposal of hazardous waste and not its full management, then we will deliver the most cost-effective solution for you.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Services Stoke

Your waste is collected and disposed of at your Stoke premises by our trained , ADR approved drivers and vehicles.

We take the hazardous waste to our own fully licensed site for disposal or recycling.

Call 0161 430 1111 today for information or a quote on our hazardous waste disposal solutions in Stoke .

The Hazardous Waste We Remove

Adhesive (Aqueous)"waste disposal hierarchy"
AntiFreeze / Screen Wash
Aqueous Degreaser
Aqueous Paint Waste
Brake Cleaner
Brake Fluid
Cloths (Oil Contaminated)
Clutch & Brake Parts
Drained Oil Filters
Fluorescent Tube
Fuel Filters
Granules / Absorbants
Hoses (Oil Contaminated)
Liquid Paint
Mastic/Resin/Paint Containers Mixed
Mastic Tubes
Mixed Fuels
Odourless (ODK) Solvent
Oil Filters
Paint Contaminated Waste
Parts Washer Solvent
Rubber/Plastic (Oil Contaminated)
Solid Paint Waste
Soluble Cutting Oil
Spray Booth Filters
Synthetic Oil
Tins (Paint Contaminated)
WEEE Products

Hazardous Waste Recycle Reward

It may be possible for you to get cashback when we dispose of your Stoke hazardous waste.

If you have waste fuel, waste oil or waste avid batteries, calculate here how much you can earn

Why Choose PCWS?

We are a fully licensed hazardous waste removal and management company who take our responsibilities to both our Stoke customers and the environment seriously."pcws hazardous waste management team Stoke "

Our abiding principle for all our Stoke customers is the best quality and the best practices at the best prices.

We genuinely value the lasting partnerships we form with all our Stoke customers and look forward to providing you with the same levels of service.

Call our team for more information today on 0161 430 1111 or make an online enquiry